Anti Aging | Makes Skin Radiant | Reduces Dark Spots & Pigmentation | Moisturizes Skin

  • Ayurvedic Nature Care Acne, Pigmentation and Dull Skin Massage Oil is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation made from a decoction of natural herbs that makes your skin gleam like gold.
  • It removes wrinkles and Make Skin Tight.
  • Introducing 100% Natural Skin Radiance Oil, a classical formulation that reduces dark spots, pigmentation and improves skin smoothness, making it soft, plump, and naturally radiant.
  • Derived from authentic Ayurveda, this Oil is enriched with 100% Kumkumadi Oil containing a blend of organic ingredients like Saffron, Lotus Extracts, Mulethi, and many precious herbs.
  • The natural herbs used in this oil are processed through traditional Ayurvedic Recipe to give your skin the care it deserves.
  • This 100% natural formula works better when you do too!
  • Use this Oil with the Squeeze Tapping Pose to help the oil absorb better and amplify results.


Key Ingredients :

  • Sesame Oil,
  • Organic Gir Cow Ghee
  • White Sandalwood Powder
  • Red Chandan Powder
  • Dhania Extract
  • Amba Haldi Extract
  • Katha Extract
  • Arjun Extract.
  • Aqua,
  • Manjistha Powder,
  • Saffron Oil,
  • Goat Milk,
  • Madhuka,
  • Dashmool Extract,
  • Daruhaldi Extract,
  • Sandalwood Extract,
  • Padmaka Extract,
  • Rose Petals,
  • Lotus Extract,
  • Saffron Extract,
  • Tocopherol,
  • Pattanga,
  • Kamal Keshara,
  • Kaliyaka,
  • Neelotpala,
  • Indian Banyan,
  • Liquorice Extract,
  • Vetiver Root Extract,
  • Lakh Extract,
  • Nag Keshara Extract,
  • Turmeric Extract.


How to Use ?

  • Massage in circular and upward movements for 10 minutes.
  • You can leave it overnight or wash before going in bed.
  • Never use it and go in sun or kitchen for cooking because with heat…. it burns your skin and get Pigmentation.




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