Alopasia Tel contain herbs that are known to treat alopecia-induced baldness.

However, the herbs will only work on the follicles that are still alive on the scalp bed, and not the dead follicles.


  • Formulated with over 9+ Ayurvedic herbs
  • Helps arrest hair fall by Strengthening Hair Roots.
  • Rejuvenates Hair Follicles and Promotes Healthy Hair Growth.


Made according to ancient Ayurveda, this oil is infused with Jamalgota, Amalakai, Bhringraj, Karanji, & over 9+ herbs to help with all your hair troubles.

The quick absorbing formula helps it penetrate deep into the scalp and improves blood circulation to the scalp, making your roots stronger to reduce hair loss.

It also helps slow down build up of pollution/ dandruff etc; by keeping the scalp moisturised. With ingredients known to help make hair denser, it will improve the strength and quality of your hair.



  • Deeply conditions hair
  • Prevents hair loss & breakage
  • Improves volume & texture
  • Prevents dandruff & flaking
  • Nourishes even chemically treated hair


Direction of Use:
Step 1 : Clean the Bald Area with warm Water Cloth.

Step 2 : Apply the Oil on the Bald Area.

Step 3 : Gently Massage for 5 to 7 minutes till the Oil get absorbed.

Step 4 : Keep it Overnight.

Step 5 : Wash with Herbal Shampoo and rinse with luke warm water.

Apply the oil everyday till you see the Growth.

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