Key Benefits :
  • Useful in heartburn, a burning pain or discomfort that may move from your stomach to abdomen or chest.
  • Amlashool helps ease the symptoms associated with hyperacidity such as heartburn and sour belching.
  • Possess anti-secretory and antiulcer properties that help reduce heartburn frequency.
  • Amlashool has polyphenols that are known to work as antioxidants to help protect against gastric and intestinal oxidative injury.
  • Anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, and demulcent properties that help reduce stomach secretions, develop a protective layer, and reduce inflammation.
Key Ingredients :
  • Jyeshtimadh
  • Nimbu
  • Ghritkumari
  • Babune ka phool
How to Use :
  • 1 capsule at morning & evening with luke warm water.
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