Appifast is blend of enzymes that aids in digestion of gluten, as well as egg, soy and dairy proteins. Most products that aid in the digestion of gluten only use a singular enzyme approach, however Appifast is uniquely designed to break down gluten proteins faster by attacking the peptide bonds in two ways. This makes Appifast superior to current gluten aids on the market today that rely primarily on the DPPIV enzyme.

  • Helps promote good digestive health.
  • Helps support normal digestion of foods containing wheat, barley, and rye grains.
  • Helps promote proper immune response to gluten protein.

Key Ingredients :

  • Kutaki Extract.
  • Rohitaka Extract.
  • Bhuiamlaki Extract.
  • abhrak bhasma

How to Use :

2 capsules twice a day before Meal with luke warm water or as Directed by Physician.

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