Key Benefits :

  • Supports optimal energy production, detox and digestion.
  • Help to develop Organs.
  • Support optimal heart health, blood pressure regulation, and are a nutritional powerhouse for energy production.
  • Promotes strong kidney health and the antioxidant defense system and supports histamine detoxification pathways.
  • Provides a natural source of enzymes to support healthy digestion.
  • Supports a strong immune response and promotes the metabolic health of blood cells

Key Ingredients :

  • Draksha Extract
  • Khajur Extract
  • Bhuyamalki Extract
  • Shatavari Extract
  • Sunth Extract
  • Musta Extract
  • Ashwagandha Extract
  • Brahmi Extract
  • Pipar Extract
  • Vacha Extract
  • Vidarikand Extract
  • Bal Extract
  • Sindhav extract
  • Amla Extract
  • Mari Extract

How to Use :

1 to 2 Tablets twice a day or as directed by Physician.




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