Key Benefits :
  • Ayushakti Vata Detox blend is formulated to ease digestive disturbances associated with Vata Dosha including variable appetite, gas, bloating, hard stools & overall dryness.
  • Warming spices of GingerCumin & Cinnamon balance the cold, light energy of vata, maintaining calm & regularity; while Licorice works to restore moisture to the digestive tract.
  • Enjoy Vata Detox blend before your meal or use it to season your favorite dishes!
Key Ingredients :
  • Ginger – Considered the ‘universal medicine’ in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional healing, ginger is a highly sattvic herb, meaning that it increases harmony and balance within the body and mind. Balancing to vata type digestion, ginger stimulates variable agni and also nourishes vata dosha due to its sweet and heating energetic properties.
  • Cumin – The deep, earthy fragrance of cumin powder is a legendary flavor in Indian cooking and this spice is also utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for healing various digestive ailments. Cumin helps to increase digestion and absorption of vital nutrients from food as well as dispel gas thanks to its carminative action. 
  • Licorice – The sweet, heavy and hydrating properties of licorice bring the perfect balance to the light, dry and mobile qualities which comprise vata dosha. Because of this, we utilize licorice in our Vata Spice Blend to moisturize the mucus membranes of the GI tract, stabilize variable agni and ease dryness in the colon. 
  • Cinnamon – Prized in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to strengthen samana vayu, one of the subdoshas of vata involved in digestion, we love cinnamon for its ability to increase agni and its ability to improve the flow of circulation, not just in the GI tract, but throughout the entire body. Cinnamon is sweet, nourishing and warming and imparts a delicious flavor to our Vata Detox Blend. 
How to Use :
  • Churna Directions: Stir 1/2 tsp into ½ cup of tepid water & drink 30 minutes prior to each meal to cultivate digestive balance.
  • Seasoning Directions: Use in your cooking or sprinkle on top of your food to aid in healthy digestion.
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