• 500gms
  • Helps to treat fungus, exzema and psoriasis on Scalp.
  • Helps extensively in making your hair strong from the roots and enhancing the texture and quality of your hair thus promoting hair growth and acts like an excellent hair conditioner.

Ingredients of Hair Mask Powder?

  • Liquorice,
  • Bhringraj,
  • Hibiscus,
  • Neem,
  • Jatamansi,
  • Fenugreek,
  • Indian GooseBerry.



  • Strengthens your hair
  • Treats Exzema, Fungus and Psoriasis on scalp.
  • Deeply conditions your hair
  • Helps protect hair from damage
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Prevents scalp irritation
  • Induces healthy hair growth
  • Boosts volume and improves hair texture


How to Use?

  • Take 1-2 tbsp of Root Strengthening and Conditioning Hair Mask into a bowl
  • Add required amount of Vinegar, mix it well (without lumps) to form a moderate thin paste
  • Apply evenly to your Scalp.
  • Leave it on for 60 minutes.
  • Wash off with Neem Shampoo and let it air dry.
  • Do this for 1-2 times a week, and experience a healthy, strong & lustrous hair.
  • Apply Keshrakshhak Hair Oil after Mask.


Secret tip!

Mix the mask with your favourite ingredients like green tea, coconut milk, curd etc… for deeper conditioning. Apply the hair mask on clean hair (non-oiled hair), leave it on for 30-40 mins and wash it off with plain water and Neem Shampoo for better results. Apply Keshrakshhak Hair Oil after Mask.

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