Key Benefits :

Helps reduce watery, milky, thick, yellowish discharge before & after cycle

  • Helps get relief from intimate itching, burning
  • Reduces rash, irritation, foul smell
  • Helps to reduce internal swelling causing discharge
  • Balances intimate pH level
  • Prevents recurrence
  • Feel fresh and confident every day
  • Socialise without fear, anxiety, awkwardness
Who should take it?

If you have :

  • Watery-thin, thick, milky, yellowish discharge before or after cycles
  • Intimate itching, burning sensation, foul smell
How to Use :

Consume Daily :

  • Total dosage : 4 capsules per day
  • 2 capsules after waking-up
  • 2 capsules before bedtime

Mild case : Consume for minimum 3 months

Moderate case : Consume for minimum 6 months

Severe case : Consume for minimum 9 months

Key Ingredients :

Extracts of : Nagkesar, Musta, Daruharidra, Devdaru, Audumbar Chaal, Trifla, Varunchaal, Gokharu, Ashoka.

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