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How to Use :

2 to 3 Tablets twice a day with luke warm water.


Key Ingredients :

  • Anar Phal
  • Draksh Beej


Having a Slim Gut and Being Healthy Are Hard WhenYou Don’t Have Enough POSTbiotics in Your Gut

  • Inability To Lose Deadly Visceral Fat : Harvard Medical School calls visceral fat a “particular concern” that has been linked to a number of deadly diseases.1 It is also the hardest type of fat to lose if you don’t have more of this “stinky” nutrient, directly in your lower colon. Without it, a healthy, slim gut is nearly impossible.
  • Digestion Breaking Leaky Gut : Nobody wants deadly toxins and bacteria entering their bloodstream from the colon due to leaky gut. But without this POSTbiotic nutrient, specifically in your lower lower colon, it’s impossible to truly heal a leaky gut and STOP the painful and embarrassing bloating, gas and digestion suffering.
  • Diarrhea, Constipation & Painful Gas and Bloating : The consistency, frequency, and overall look of your poop is CRITICAL if you want to increase your energy levels, reduce pain, and fend off deadly diseases as you age. It can also warn you if your gut is making weight loss impossible. This nutrient creates perfect poops.


End “Poop Problems & Enjoy 48-Hour Belly Flattening, ZERO Bloating, & Perfect Daily Poops

It’s not a popular subject to talk about the consistency, frequency, and overall look of your poop, but it is CRITICAL if you want to increase your energy levels, reduce pain, and fend off deadly diseases as you age. It can also warn you if a leaky gut microbiome is making weight loss impossible and causing disgusting digestion problems.

A good indicator of a healthy gut microbiome, is a stool that looks like a snake — refer to Type 4 on the aboveChart.

Any of the other stool types and not having a normal, daily Bowel Movement severely compromise your ability to eliminate toxins, burn fat, stay energized and avoid infection—not to mention all that bloating, gas and bathroom frustration!

Fortunately we have created a new nutrient that is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to pooping a more normal, healthier stool and enjoying a slimmer, less bloated waist in just 48 hrs.

Try Nirbala Antra for yourself today to see and feel a dramatic difference now!


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