• Enjoy a slim, toned and attractive body for years to come
  • Live a long, happy life free of worries about health
  • Experience pleasurable waves of new, natural energy

The unique metabolic blend inside the Paripaka Swasth Tonic supports a faster metabolism, burns away excess fat and calories at an astonishing rate, maintains healthy digestion and increases reserves of natural energy…

All by drinking a single cup each day you can now benefit from the same age-defying effects as the youthful Okinawan islanders have done for centuries…

Simply mix the Paripaka Swasth Tonic powder with water each morning, around 1-2 hours after eating a small breakfast, and benefit from all day long healthy metabolism, digestion and soaring energy…

The Paripaka Swasth Tonic is perfectly safe to take, contains natural ingredients.


Key Ingredients :

  • Cherry
  • Gajar
  • papita
  • Apple
  • Nimba
  • Aronia Berry
  • Kaccha keri
  • Kharbuja
  • Anar
  • Adrak
  • Beet Root
  • Karela
  • Santra
  • Acai phal
  • Draksh Chaal


How to Use:

Take 1 scoop either in Water, Juice or Smoothie before 10am. Or as directed by Physician



Additional information
Powder or Vegeterian Capsules

Powder, Vegeterian Capsules


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