• If there is a single product that addresses all of your skin dilemmas, that’s Ayurvedic Nature Care Mask powder.
  • It delivers very effective results on Wrinkles, Age spots, acne, pigmentation, dryness, itching, and skin tone Fading.
  • It is a god-given gift in women’s skincare regime.


Why So Sure ?

  • ① Our face pack contains Sacred Lotus Pollen from 45 Lotus Flowers, 50 Gms of Haldi Chandan Powder (Red sandalwood Powder), and 50 Gms of Ashoka Tree powder. This healing combination is derived from the ancient healers of Kerala.
  • ② Always use in the mornings. As you know, Lotus is a Morning Flower. The Phytochemicals contained in the Lotus Pollen are very active in the Mornings. So, always, always, always use Face Pack in the Mornings. ‘The first thing after bed’, for surprising, good-looking results.


What will happen?

  • ① Why our Face Pack?
    It Purifies, whitens, Soothes, prevents Skin Aging, Exfoliates, gives ageless beauty, illuminate eyes… you name it…
  • ② Why Red sandalwood and Ashoka?
    Red sandalwood fights Skin acne and is great for pimples. It Cleanse Skin tone. Ashoka tree bark has perfect exfoliating properties and de-tan qualities.


What’s the Conclusion?

  • ① If use Ashoka with Lotus Pollen and Red Sandalwood, the heavenly combination gives eternal youth to your Skin.
  • ② It will retrieve your childhood skin tone.


How to Use:

  • → 1. Always, use in the mornings.
  • → 2. Take a spoonful of mixed pack powder and mix it with honey and raw milk.
  • → 3. Apply it to skin upward direction with a smooth scrubbing effect. Do it for 3 to 7 minutes.
  • → 4. Leave mask 1/2 hour and Wash it after 30 minutes.
  • → 5. Always store the Mask powder in a cool and dry place.


Precautions :

  • ○ If you have any kind of plant allergy, avoid the herbal combinations.
  • ○ If you undergoing any kind of medication, ask your doctor before applying oil.
  • ○ Before you do anything with home remedy stuffs, ask your physician. Your doctor’s opinion is very important.



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