Key Benefits :

Controls heavy cycle flow

  • Gets healthy cycle on-time
  • Treats prolonged cycles
  • Reduce clotting, pain, cramps
  • Acts as natural uterus detox
  • Manages Pitta imbalance – bio-energy of periods
  • Purifies blood to balance hormones

? Bid goodbye to long painful cycles


Who Should Take It?

If you have :

  • Heavy cycle flow, clots
  • Cycle lasts 6+ days or longer
  • Cycle in 24 days or less
  • Spotting between 2 cycles


How to Use :

Consume Daily :

  • 1 Tsp in Warm Water before breakfast Empty Stomach and
  • 1 Tsp in Warm Water before or after Meal in Evening.
  • Results found in 10 days.
  • Consume for minimum 90 days for best results


Key Ingredients :

Shatavari, Nagarmotha, Kala Jeera, Bala, Umarchaal, Vala, Bel Patra, Jeera, Nagkesar, Dhavni Phool, Ashokchaal, Methi, Lodhra, Devdaar, Aloevera, Dhaniya, Phalashphool, Kasis.

Additional information
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Powder or Capsules

Powder, Capsules


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