Key Benefits :

  • BOOST CONFIDENCE NATURALLY – Our powerful supplement, a unique blend of Natural Herbal Ingredients, that helps you stay cool, calm, and collected when you need it most—from dating, gaming, working, and socializing to job hunting, public speaking, and everything in between.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress! Feel more confident, positive, focused, and relaxed, whether at home playing video games, the office, or in a social setting.
  • Improve your mood; be more calm, focused, and positive! Relax! Saahas Tablets got you!
  • Premium supplement contains all natural, safe ingredients like Jatamansi, Brahmi, Shankhapushpi etc.

Key Ingredients :

Jatamansi Extract
Brahmi Extract
Shankhapushpi Extract
Ashwagandha extract
Vacha extract
Sarpagandha extract
Jyotishmati extract
Amla extract
Giloy extract
Gokharu extract
Sunth extract
Kalimirch extract
Pippali extract
Baheda extract
Anantmool extract
Kanchnar extract
Bhringaraj extract
Jayphal powder
Shatavari Powder
Prawal Pishti powder
Manjishta powder


How to Use :

2 tablets twice a day after meal with luke warm water or as directed by Physician.

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