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Stop hair from Getting Grey NATURALLY!


  • These delicious combination of Herbal Extracts contain Biotin, Zinc and Multivitamins through NATURAL HERBS to reduces premature greying, boosts hair growth, curbs hair fall and improves hair health.
  • This pack of hair supplements contains hair-benefitting ingredients like AMLA, NEEM, RAJVANTI, BHRINGHRAJ, MOTI PISHTI, BADAM, KHOBRA BEEJ.
  • One hair capsules a day for 3 years gives you healthy hair and helps give you your natural hair colour without any side effects!


What Does the SHVETAKESHI YOG do?
Diminishes the appearance of Grey Hair
While greying is a natural process, premature greying is not. Premature greying happens due to stress, lack of nutrition, damage caused due to treatments or genetic factors. These hair care supplement contains BHRINGRAJ and ALMONDS, a part of B-complex vitamins. Studies have shown that regular consumption of these hair vitamins helps reduce premature greying.

Boosts hair growth
Providing the proper nutrition to your scalp can help boost hair growth. These herbal Extracts and Capsules have AMLA, which help stimulate follicles. MITHO NEEM promote hair growth by increasing blood flow to dormant follicles. Regular consumption of this hair supplement results in thicker and fuller growth.

Curbs hair loss
Hair loss happens due to weak follicles and an undernourished scalp—MOTI PISHTI, RAJVANTI and KHOBRA BEEJ in these Formulation for hair fall helps in nourishing and strengthening your strands. Strong follicles = less hair fall.



How to Use?

Powder Form : 1tsp Morning empty Stomach and 1tsp Evening before Dinner or Bed Time.
Capsule Form : 4 Capsule Morning empty Stomach and 4Capsule Evening before Dinner or Bed Time.



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Powder or Capsules

Powder, Vegeterian Capsules


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